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Access beyond geographical boundaries
Access beyond geographical boundaries
Geographical boundaries are no more constraint for needy patients in getting these unavailable medicines. Globally there are good number of patients who have little or no access to medicines due to regulatory approval time lag amongst different countries.
Validated & Genuine sourcing
Validated & Genuine sourcing

There are umpteen numbers of medicines notable for their potential positive impact and unique contribution to quality medical care and public health. We are dedicated to providing validated, ethically and compliant sourced medicines to all our customers. Be it patients, Healthcare treatment Centers or Pharmaceutical companies.

Quicker Timelines
Quicker Timelines

Customers are core of our thought process in all our operational activities. Sometimes delay in treatment can be life threatening particularly when they have failed treatment options available in their own country. A delay in study can impact advances with relation to product development.

Access beyond geographical boundaries
Access beyond geographical boundaries
Validated & Genuine <br>sourcing
Validated & Genuine
Quicker <br>Timelines
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About Invimeds

Our Services

Reference Listed Drugs (RLD)

Manage highly specialized sourcing to provide RLD batches to execute clients’ projects successfully.

Clinical Trial Supplies

Procuring Innovators /complex molecules for the development of biosimilars.

Rare Diseases Medicines

We provide vital services that help patients access treatment for their rare genetic disorder

Patient access program

Fully managed and regulatory compliant access to medicines not available in patient’s home country.


Your Global Partner in Health & Healing

We leave no stone unturned to help our patients access medicines for specific diseases. If you or someone you know is suffering from a rare disease, InviMeds Health can walk you through your wellness pathway.

Quick and Safe Access to Medicines

Our InviMeds health team is quick and efficient at helping our patients access medicines that are not yet available or approved in their home country. InviMeds offer quick and safe medical solutions globally.

Consultations with Patient Support Specialists

InviMeds Health has a team of qualified and specialized Support team to guide you. Our specialists cater to the specific medical needs of the patients and healthcare professionals to ensure tailored solutions.

Our Sourcing Capabilities

Our sourcing capabilities span an extensive range of products including recently approved US FDA & EMEA approved products, biologicals and products for Rare Diseases. Our network of suppliers are validated and have certified facilities from the most stringent healthcare authorities.

Network of > 130 validated suppliers in USA, Europe, LATAM, Australia, Korea etc

Our Sourcing Capabilities

Our Geographical Footprints

Our Geographical Footprints

InviMeds Health is registered in Mumbai, India with corporate office in Noida, India; we have offices in emerging & Developed markets.

USA, EU, Australia, Dubai & South Korea allow us to support supplies from the Country of origin for RLD sourcing and direct invoicing.

Invimeds and GP Nord Collaboration

The collaboration between InviMeds Health and GP Nord SIA has resulted in a close partnership that provides Reference Listed Drugs Sourcing (RLD sourcing) & Clinical Trial Material sourcing support and logistics support to pharmaceutical companies for the conduct of their complex research and development projects.


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Thank you Invimeds and team for helping us in Importing genuine medicine. I really appreciate your dedication and time bound delivery

Manpreet Kaur

My wife and me were so worried about my blood cancer and we couldn’t find the prescribed medicine. Doctor gave us only two week in which we had to arrange the medicine. We came across Invimeds and contacted them to send the medicine Ninlaro in Punjab.

Vijay Sharma

It was really challenging to find the medicine for my child’s progressive brain damage. It is a rare condition in children. I struggled a lot to find the medicine. Then I came across the company Invimeds. I found them and they delivered the medicine in 8 days safely.


My mother was struggling with a rare blood disease and the doctor asked us to bring the medicine in a week and thankfully i reach out to Invimeds, they are such a nice people. Arranged my medicine in 7 days


What measures does InviMeds follow to ensure regulatory compliance?

Compliance is our main focus at Invimeds Health. We strictly follow all applicable regulatory norms and standards, both domestically and internationally. Our dedication to compliance assures the safety and efficacy of every product and service we offer.

How can I get access to InviMeds Health's services like Innovator Drug sourcing and Comparator drug sourcing?

Using our services is simple and convenient. Contact our specialists via our website or the contact information given. We’ll walk you through the steps, adapting our services to your individual requirements and goals.

How does InviMeds establish and sustain its trust in the healthcare industry?

Credibility is our foundation. This is accomplished through open systems, stringent quality control, and a dedication to ethical behaviors. Our long-standing partnerships with healthcare experts, as well as our track record of accomplishment, attest to our commitment to integrity and reliability. 

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