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Reference Drug- The Future of Generic Drugs

Solution & Offering- RLD Services

Sourcing of Innovator Samples

Lot specific & high-volume multiple sourcing of RLDs

Controlled Drug

Ensuring the regulated and quality supply of controlled drug from the US and EU

Vet Products

Deals in a comprehensive range of specialized vet products

Warehouse Support

Seamless storage in USA, EU, Korea, & Australia

Secured Logistics Support

Temperature-controlled shipments ranging from 25-30 to -40 degrees

Custom Clearance Service

Standard regulatory processes for hassle-free import & export

Licensing Support

Navigating licensing requirements to facilitate seamless imports.

Validated Network of Suppliers

Access to a network of trusted 170+ suppliers

Our Process

Why you should trust InviMeds for Reference Drug sourcing?

Safeguarding Controlled Product Distribution

We ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards and safe handling of controlled substances. With meticulous attention, we manage storage, transportation, and documentation, preventing diversion or misuse. Our commitment to stringent control and security protocols guarantees lawful distribution to global healthcare providers and research institutions.

Catering to more than 75+ Pharma Companies

Currently catering to more than 25+ major players and helping 75+ companies in the healthcare industry with controlled drugs or biologics or Innovators.

Registered with 40+ Pharma Companies

Registered with 40+ Pharma Companies as an approved vendor to their organization

EU-GDP Certified Warehouse

We operate an EU-certified warehouse, which meets EU GDP guidelines, and follows a set of Standard Operating Practices(SOPs) written according to mandates provided by the EU.

Well-established Network

We have a well-established network of suppliers in the USA, EU, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, etc that have been carefully validated and authenticated.

Regular Product Updates

To keep you informed and help you plan your study appropriately, our team will regularly provide updates and advise of product shortages or manufacturer delays.

Logistics for Cold Storage & Shipment

Our partnership with leading logistic companies for cold storage and shipment, as well as routine deliveries, ensures that products are delivered at the client warehouse or the landing port without temperature excursion

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Does Invimeds supply controlled products from the USA and EU?

Yes, we supply controlled products from the USA, EU(Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, etc), Australia, South Korea, and Japan. We are a pharmaceutical sourcing company with the authorized license to acquire a comprehensive range of controlled products from these regions. We adhere strictly to regulatory guidance and standards to ensure the legality, safety, and authenticity of the products we distribute. Our commitment to following established regulations and implementing stringent quality control measures makes us a trustworthy distributor of controlled substances.

What are Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) and how significant are they in the pharmaceutical industry?

RLDs (Reference Listed Drugs) are brand-name medications that have been authorized by regulatory agencies. They serve as the standard for generic drug makers, ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and quality of generic medications. RLDs are critical to the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to maintain uniform standards. 

How does Invimeds Health obtain RLDs for pharmaceutical companies and clinical trials?

Invimeds Health has formed alliances with respected manufacturers and suppliers all around the world. We leverage our wide network to quickly procure RLDs for pharmaceutical firms and clinical studies. Our stringent quality controls assure the medications’ validity and dependability. 

Can Invimeds Health help through the regulatory requirements for RLD supplies?

Yes, Invimeds Health provides regulatory support for RLD suppliers. We have a team of professionals who are familiar with legal pharmaceutical standards, and we can help pharmaceutical companies meet the standards for procuring and employing RLDs in their products or clinical studies. 

Are you Supplying globally?

Yes, Our company is dedicated to the global supply of Reference or Innovator drug.

What all documents you can provide to client?

We can provide documents including COA(Certificate of Analysis), COC(Certificate of Conformity), COO(Certificate of Origin), Packing list, and Country invoices.

Speak with Experts

At Invimeds Health, we believe in offering innovative strategies for an unparalleled experience. Communicate with our experts and learn more about how we can help you with our expertise in Reference Listed Drugs procurement. We follow the Standard Operating Procedures to ensure hassle-free trials. Our team of qualified experts possess years of knowledge in the RLD industry catering to the comprehensive needs of the customers. 

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