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Named Patient Access- Nurturing Health Beyond Boundaries

Unregistered medicine

Our Process


Enquire for the Medicine

Patients or healthcare providers contact our Named Patient Access Program Specialist, discussing their medical condition, treatment history, and medication. Our NPP team evaluates eligibility and helps the patients understand the further process.

Get Quote

Our NPP team quotes the calculated cost of medication, including dosage, treatment duration, quantity, shipping, duty charges, import country changes and additional fees (if any), and provides a clear quote to the patient, healthcare professionals, and hospitals, ensuring clear communication about financial aspects.


The documentation stage begins after a patient, healthcare professional, and hospitals agrees to proceed with the procedure. The patient must provide attendant copies duly signed by the physician and other necessary information as requested by our NPP specialist to validate their medical needs and ensure medication safety. Further, we will apply for the import license and submit the same to the authorized distributors to release the medications.


Our NPP team reviews and approves documentation, responsible for custom clearance and arranges medication delivery to the patient’s location, considers temperature-sensitive medications, and ensures safe arrival. Patients are provided with instructions and follow-up communication channels to address treatment concerns.

Why should you trust InviMeds for Unregistered Medicines?

Experience & Expertise

InviMeds Health is a leading name in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, coupled with its team’s expertise in NPP procedures and regulations, is a key factor in its success.

Commitment to Patient Care

InviMeds Health prioritizes patient well-being and access to unregistered medicines following a patient-centric approach to catering to a large audience.

Standard Operating Procedures

InviMeds Health demonstrates its commitment to ethical and transparent practices, adhering to international guidelines and regulations, and openly communicating with patients.

Extensive Network & Relationships

With an extensive network of suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, and regulatory authorities, we are able to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and access a wide range of medications.

Transparent Costs

We ensure clear and transparent cost breakdowns, allowing patients and healthcare providers to understand the financial implications before proceeding.

Compliant Regulations

InviMeds Health strictly adheres to local and international regulations, ensuring that each NPP request aligns with established legal and ethical standards. 

Need Help?

Interact with experts

Reach out to our Named Patient Access Specialists if you have questions about our services or accessing an unregistered medicine for a specific disease. 

Get in touch

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    Who can be eligible for the Named Patient Access Program?

    A Named Patient Access Program is for patients who have been prescribed a specific medicine by their consulting doctor but not available in their home country.

    What is the procedure of InviMeds Named Patient Access Program?

    Our Named Patient Access Program involves enquiring for the medicine, getting a transparent quotation, processing the documentation and we deliver the medicines at the patients’ convenience. 

    How long does it take to receive a response from your Named Patient Access Program Specialist?

    Once we receive your request for the prescribed or unregistered medicine, our specialist connects with you within 24 hours to learn about your specific requirements.