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Excellence in Generic Medicine Distribution

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive offerings covering therapeutic areas such as oncology, diabetes, HIV, erectile dysfunction, and hepatitis medications. As trusted generic medicine distributors, our streamlined services guarantee timely and secure worldwide delivery, emphasizing stringent quality control for safety and efficacy in all supplied medications.

Quality Assurance through Trusted Partnerships

Invimeds takes pride in forming robust partnerships with esteemed WHO GDP-certified manufacturers, assuring you of medicines that meet the highest global quality standards.

Transparent Documentation

As a generic drug distributor, we prioritize your well-being and ensure transparent services. We provide you with all necessary documentation, including COA, Batch Report, COO, COPP, and more. Each detail is available for your scrutiny, fostering trust and confidence.

Contributing to Industry Growth

With a significant presence in India’s export market of generic medicines, Invimeds actively contributes to industry growth. With a focus on enhancing accessibility and upholding the highest quality standards, Invimeds bridges the gap between suppliers and end-users. Our commitment to affordability is realized by eliminating intermediaries like CFAs, retailers, and wholesalers, allowing us to offer medicines at true value prices.

Prioritizing Quality Assurance and Affordability

At Invimeds, our offerings as a pharmaceutical distributor are centered around quality assurance, ensuring strict adherence to the highest standards. We prioritize affordability, making essential medicines accessible to a broader population, and our commitment extends to addressing diverse healthcare needs globally. Operating as a service-driven entity, we focus on delivering unparalleled solutions in generic medicine supply. We effectively reduce overall medicine costs, ensuring our clients receive top-notch service that encompasses both quality assurance and cost-effectiveness.

India's Role in the Generic Medicines Export

Generic Medicine Supply

India, a global pharmaceutical powerhouse, excels in the export of generic medicines. Recognized for its robust production of high-quality, affordable drugs, India dominates the international pharmaceutical scene with a staggering $50 billion valuation [1]. Serving over 200 countries, it proudly leads as the largest supplier of generics, offering a diverse portfolio of 60,000 brands across 60 therapeutic categories [1]. The industry’s commitment to excellence is evident through numerous USFDA-approved facilities, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance. 

The Indian Pharmaceuticals industry holds a significant position globally, ranking 3rd in pharmaceutical production by volume and 14th by value. It is a major player in the generic medicines market, contributing 20% to global supply by volume. Additionally, India is the leading global vaccine manufacturer, commanding a substantial 60% market share. Despite global disruptions and a decline in demand for COVID-19 treatments, pharmaceutical exports have shown resilience with positive growth.

The cumulative Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the pharmaceutical sector surpassed the US$ 20 billion mark by September 2022. The domestic pharmaceutical market in India was valued at US$ 41 billion in 2021, projected to reach US$ 65 billion by 2024, and further expected to grow to US$ 130 billion by 2030 [2].

Interact with Expert


How do you get generic medicine?

To obtain generic medicine, you can explore Invimeds, a reputable platform that facilitates access to affordable generic medications. Invimeds prioritizes quality and ensures that all generic medications adhere to strict regulatory standards.

Can I buy generic drugs from India?

Certainly, purchasing generic drugs from India is a viable option. As one of the largest exporters of generic medicines globally, India supplies quality medications to numerous countries. For a reliable source, consider connecting with Invimeds a strategic platform that carefully curates a selection of high-quality generic medicines from reputable Indian manufacturers. Invimeds ensures these drugs meet stringent regulatory standards, offering a cost-effective choice without compromising safety or efficacy.

Does India export generic drugs?

Yes, India is a major exporter of generic drugs. The country plays a significant role in the global pharmaceutical industry, providing a wide range of affordable and high-quality generic medications to various countries worldwide. The Indian pharmaceutical sector has gained recognition for its ability to produce cost-effective generic drugs while maintaining compliance with international quality standards. Many pharmaceutical companies in India actively contribute to meeting the global demand for generic medicines.

Are you Supplying generic medicine globally?

Yes, Our company is dedicated to the global supply of Generic drugs.

Is it okay to buy generic medicine?

Yes, generic medicines are generally safe and effective, undergoing the same rigorous safety and efficacy tests as brand-name drugs, and receiving approval from regulatory authorities.

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For all your generic medicine needs, Invimeds is your generic drug distributor in India. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your pharmaceutical supply requirements. As a leading player in the generic medicine supply chain, Invimeds is dedicated to driving positive impact through the provision of high-quality, affordable generic medicines.

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