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Clinical Supply Management - Enhancing Seamless Clinical Trial Material Sourcing

Our Services for Clinical Trial

Managing Biosimilar Development

Handling Biologicals, specialty, and comparator drugs for Biosimilar or generic products development

Supply Biogeneric Innovators

Provide innovator or comparator drugs to CROs, Pharmaceutical companies who are developing biogeneric.

Excellence in Lot-Specific Sourcing

Lot-specific & high-volume single batch sourcing ensures unparalleled quality and quantity in Biogeneric Innovators.

Controlled Product

Deals in a variety of controlled products ensuring regulated supply.

Vet Products

Managing an extensive range of specialized vet products.

Warehouse Support

Warehousing support across USA, EU, Korea, & Australia

Secured Logistic Support

Temperature-controlled consignments with temperature specified to 25-30 to -40 degrees.

Licensing Support

Expediting the process of imports with facilitating necessary licensing requirements. 

Our Process

Why you should trust invimeds for RLD?

Trusted Name

Invimeds ensure the non-discretion policy for trials to follow privacy.

High-Caliber Distribution

Our depot and distribution services are high caliber, dependable, and reasonably priced.

Comprehensive Warehousing Support

We provide comprehensive warehousing and logistics services to support clinical trials, maintaining the best operating standards in the industry.

Extensive Network of Depot Partners

We have a vast network of third-party depot partners and numerous depot locations for operations.

Experts in International Customs

We have expertise in handling international customs following standard regulatory procedures.

Cold-chain Shipping

Cold-chain shipping guarantees that temperature-sensitive research medications reach your clinical trial facilities within the appropriate temperature range.

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Interact with experts

Our qualified Clinical Trial Supply experts are only a phone call away to guide you through the procedure of trial supplies and help you get started. We are among the leading Comparator Sourcing companies handling seamless comparator sourcing.

Invimeds Health delivers innovative and hassle-free Clinical Supply Management solutions across the globe. Speak with our experts today!

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    Are you sourcing globally?

    Our Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) are medications that regulatory bodies have approved in various nations or areas, and we ensure to source them globally while distributing them worldwide. We have exclusive production and distribution rights to promote and sell RLDs. Depending on our corporate strategy, we source the drugs locally or worldwide.

    Can you obtain the documents?

    Yes, we can get the documentation for the RLD product. Moreover, we have access to the paperwork that regulatory bodies need to support the approval and marketing of their medicinal effect. In addition to adhering to all regulatory standards associated with the approval, marketing, and distribution of their medicinal product, we are responsible for ensuring that their product is secure and suitable for the intended purpose.

    How do you support clients through the buying cycle?

    We usually help customers through the purchase cycle by giving them information and support about their product and guiding them through the logistical and regulatory hurdles involved in obtaining and utilizing a pharmaceutical product. While a consumer is making a purchase, we may offer customer care and support, including answering inquiries, giving product samples, and addressing any problems that might come up.