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Our Mission

Equitable Access

Geographical boundaries are no more constraint for needy patients in getting these unavailable medicines. Globally there are good number of patients who have little or no access to medicines due to regulatory approval time lag amongst different countries. We provide access to all recently approved medicines which have received regulatory approval in some countries but may not be available in patient’s own country to address its unmet medical needs.

At InviMeds Health, we are dedicated to ensuring that all patients have access to medicines on a global level, enabling them to get the therapies they require.

Genuine Medicines

There are umpteen numbers of medicines notable for their potential positive impact and unique contribution to quality medical care and public health. We are dedicated to provide validated, ethically and compliant sourced medicines to all our customers. Our expertise in this area extends to regulatory and legal framework, complex network of genuine sourcing, ethical and compliant import which allows us to never lose sight of patients whose lives can be transformed through these medicines.

Invimeds Health is delighted to exclusively offer approved and registered medicines, focusing on patient care and wellness.

True Timelines

Customers are core of our thought process in all our operational activities. Sometimes delay in treatment can be life threatening particularly when they have failed treatment options available in their own country. A delay in study can impact advances with relation to product development. We work all the time in challenging environment to minimize this impact and make it timely available to those who needs it.

At Invimeds Health, we follow through on our commitments with real deadlines, fostering an effective and dependable supply of medications for reliable medical needs.


What is the long-term vision of Invimeds Health for equitable healthcare access?

At Invimeds Health, we aim to make fair access to healthcare a reality for all. We are dedicated to removing obstacles and ensuring that everyone, regardless of geography or background, has access to life-saving medications and healthcare services.

How does Invimeds Health align with the notion of "Genuine Medicine"?

The objective of InviMeds Health is ideally aligned with the concept of “Genuine Medicine.” Our drive to supply only authentic pharmaceuticals shows our commitment to our patients’ health and well-being. To ensure the genuineness of the medications we offer, we adhere to the highest quality standards.

Could you explain how the objective of Invimeds Health connects to "True Timelines"?

In our purpose, “True Timelines” represents our steadfast dedication to providing healthcare solutions on time. We recognize the importance of prompt access to medications and healthcare supplies. Our objective is to ensure that our services are not only efficient but also delivered on time, thereby enhancing healthcare outcomes. 

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