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Comprehensive Rare Disease Solutions

Our Process


Enquire for the Medicine

Patients or healthcare professionals can reach our Named Patient Access Program Specialist about their past treatments, and current prescribed medications allowing us to help them. Our NPP team will help patients in understanding the NPP procedure.

Get Quote

To ensure clear communication about medical finances, our NPP team quotes the calculated cost of medication, including dosage, treatment duration, quantity, shipping, duties, import country charges, and additional costs, and offers a transparent quote to the patient or healthcare provider.


After a patient or healthcare professional consents to the procedure, the documentation stage begins. To verify the patient’s medical necessity and guarantee the safety of their medications, our NPP specialist may require the patient to provide duly signed prescriptions and identity proofs including other necessary documents. 


In addition to organizing medication delivery to the patient’s address, our NPP team takes into account temperature-sensitive medications and assures safe delivery. In order to address any treatment-related problems, patients are given instructions and follow-up communication channels.

Why should you trust InviMeds for Rare Disease Medicines?

Medical Expertise

InviMeds showcases specialized medical professionals with extensive knowledge of rare diseases and treatments. 

Patient-Centric Approach

We prioritize patients and healthcare providers, providing personalized support, and addressing unique challenges in rare disease cases through stories and testimonials.

Access to Innovative Treatments

We make it easier for patients with rare diseases to obtain cutting-edge medications and treatments, even when taking the traditional route seems to be challenging.

Global Partnerships

We have established relationships with pharmaceutical companies to cater to specific medical needs. 

Transparent Communication

We are dedicated to transparent communication with patients, medical professionals, and families. 

Legal Compliance

We adhere to the ethical and legal boundaries, making sure that all treatments for rare diseases are sourced and delivered in an ethical manner.

Role Players RLD

Interact with experts

Reach out to our Rare Disease Specialists if you have questions about our services or accessing rare disease medicines. 

Get in touch

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    How can InviMeds help me find the prescribed medicine for a Rare Disease?

    InviMeds has a specialized Rare Disease Team to walk you through the process of obtaining the suggested medicine at your location accessed through our Named Patient Program.

    What are the documents necessary to obtain the rare disease medicines?

    Including the prescriptions, a valid identity proof might be necessary to access the rare disease medicines.  

    How long does it take to receive a response from InviMeds Rare Disease Specialist?

    Once we receive a request from patients or healthcare professionals, our specialists reach out to you within 24 hours to understand your specific medical requirement to procure rare disease medicines.