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A prominent role player in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, InviMeds Health announces its presence at Expopharm 2023, a significant event scheduled to take place in Düsseldorf this September 27 to 30. As a pioneer in worldwide healthcare services, InviMeds Health with its partner GP Nord, Latava is confident to advance this highly-regarded gathering with its knowledge and cutting-edge solutions. The event’s primary focus is on suppliers, making it the perfect setting for Invimeds Health to innovate and work with top business players.


  • Leading pharmaceutical suppliers, researchers, and specialists will participate in Expopharm 2023.
  • The involvement of Invimeds Health highlights its dedication to building strong relationships and pushing healthcare innovations globally.



  • The event will welcome pharmaceutical companies from across the globe and InviMeds recognizes the chance to share knowledge and form partnerships that influence the healthcare environment.
  • Expopharm 2023 will also welcome pharmaceutical companies finding Generic Drug suppliers. Meet us at Stand G61 Hall no. 3 on September 27-30 to discuss more with InviMeds Health.

Global Vision

  • InviMeds Health maintains a global perspective, redefining healthcare standards by delivering innovative medical solutions globally.

Stay updated on InviMeds Health’s involvement in Expopharm 2023 or follow here to learn more. As InviMeds Health advances healthcare into the future, get ready to witness a convergence of innovation and collaboration.

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