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Another wreath has been added to Horizon Therapeutics’ pre-takeover victory lap. Months after broad patient groups named Horizon the most trustworthy pharmaceutical business in the United States, rare illness organizations gave the company the same honor (PDF) in a study specific to orphan drugs.

Both rankings were produced by PatientView. The company received opinions from 426 patient groups for rare diseases for its most recent listing. Roche was knocked off the top spot this year by Horizon, which was previously placed third among rare disease patient groups familiar with the firm. Takeda, a new face on the winners’ podium, came in third while Roche dropped to second.

When the analysis was restricted to rare disease groups that collaborated with the corporations, the same companies claimed the top three positions. Following Roche at the top of that analysis were Horizon and Takeda. 

Pfizer is one name that stands out by being absent. The Big Pharma was ranked second on both lists last year, but in the most recent study, it dropped out of the top three. Pfizer continued to be among the top three Big Pharma firms that rare illness groups are familiar with, but it dropped to third place overall and was no longer among the top three firms that the groups cooperate with.

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