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Brazil is the third-largest pharmaceutical market in America and holds the top position in Latin America, with a robust generics sector driven by numerous local manufacturers. Government policies that promote the use of generic medications have played a key role in making affordable medicines widely available throughout the country.

In this thriving pharmaceutical environment, Invimeds is a crucial facilitator for reliable RLD sourcing from Brazil. Committed to ensuring quality and compliance in pharmaceutical development, Invimeds leverages its extensive network and expertise within Brazil’s generics market. Invimeds provides high-quality RLDs necessary for developing and regulatory approval of generic drugs worldwide. 

Regulatory Environment

Brazil’s pharmaceutical industry benefits from a favorable regulatory environment. Key agencies like the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and the Brazilian Health Ministry ensure the quality and safety of medicines through a well-established framework. This robust regulatory structure supports reliable pharmaceutical production and distribution, reinforcing Brazil’s leading position in the generics market.

Significant Growth in Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Industry

The Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, especially the Reference Listed Drug (RLD) market, has seen significant growth, making Brazil the largest pharmaceutical market in Latin America and the sixth largest worldwide, with sales increasing from $17.5 billion in 2019 to a projected $29.9 billion in 2021. Despite a slowdown in growth due to an economic crisis, recovery is ongoing. The RLD market’s growth is bolstered by Brazil’s Universal Health System (SUS) and an increasing elderly population.

Sourcing of RLD from Brazil By InviMeds

Navigating Regulatory Complexities with Precision

Invimeds, a premier RLD sourcing company, excels in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of pharmaceutical procurement, particularly from Brazil. As dedicated facilitators, we ensure adherence and efficiency in RLD procurement, essential for research and development projects. Leveraging our validated global supplier network and strict EU-GMP compliance, we guarantee the authenticity and quality of sourced pharmaceutical products. Our services, including single and multiple-batch sourcing, are tailored to meet specific quantity and expiration requirements, maintaining the integrity of the procurement process.

Strategic Alliances with Reputable RLD Suppliers

Invimeds prides itself on establishing robust partnerships with esteemed suppliers of RLD’s from Brazil. These alliances facilitate seamless access to diverse high-quality medications that adhere to strict regulatory standards. Our strategic approach prioritizes authenticity and reliability, enabling us to source pharmaceutical products crucial for research and development. Committed to excellence, Invimeds continuously enhances its sourcing capabilities to deliver exceptional value to our clients in the pharmaceutical sector.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Processes

Through rigorous certification processes, we emphasize the authenticity and quality of sourced Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs). This includes providing essential documentation such as Certificates of Analysis (COA), Batch Reports, and Certificates of Origin (COO). Additionally, we ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines established by WHO, EU, FDA, and EMA, reinforcing our commitment to delivering pharmaceutical products of the highest standards. When procuring from Brazil, we adhere to all local regulatory laws, ensuring authenticity and genuineness.

Warehouse Solutions

Invimeds provides secure storage for pharmaceutical products in state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. We maintain optimal conditions to preserve the efficacy of Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) using advanced temperature monitoring systems and real-time data loggers. Our warehouse solutions offer ambient storage between 15°C – 25°C and refrigerated storage between 2°C – 8°C, delivering reliable storage options tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Timely Delivery

At Invimeds, we prioritize promptly delivering Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) to our clients. Regular order status updates and advanced tracking systems support our efficient logistics operations. With our commitment to on-time delivery, clients can rely on us to receive their RLDs promptly and efficiently. Additionally, when clients require RLD procurement, we can swiftly source and store them in our warehouses, ensuring timely delivery as needed.


Invimeds stands as a pioneer in RLD sourcing from Brazil, providing pharmaceutical companies with seamless access to premium-quality medications essential for drug development. Our steadfast commitment to compliance with EU guidelines and SOPs ensures stringent quality standards and efficiency, enabling pharmaceutical companies to confidently and effortlessly navigate the complexities of the procurement landscape. 

For a trusted partner in RLD sourcing from Brazil, choose Invimeds. Contact us today to embark on a journey of unmatched reliability and success in pharmaceutical procurement with trusted suppliers of RLD from Brazil.

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